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Wijgaart Shipping B.V.

For water transportation of liquid cargo, containers and dry cargo


With more than 20 years of experience in European inland navigation, Wijgaart Shipping has an experienced but also advanced approach for transport and entrepreneurship. Qualitative transport demands knowledge and craftsmanship. With many years of experience, Wijgaart Shipping is a reliable partner for the transportation of all your freight.

As a forward-looking entrepreneur, Wijgaart Shipping also engages in the ever-developing green sector in inland navigation. In addition, it gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop, both an investment in the future of a crucial market.

Shipping changes with time, but the core of the sector remains the same: hands-on, safety-first, hard work and no-nonsense.

The transport takes place with a very modern fleet which satisfies the requirements of the law and our customers’ wishes. These customers are also our most important asset, with full transparency being an important factor.

Qualitative transport with the emphasis on service and safety! 


We have a nice movie collection of the ships that can been watched on this website, and next to that you can also read the latest developments on our Facebook feed.

What we can do for you

Wijgaart Shipping stands for quality service and safe transportation of goods. We count with well-trained staff when it comes to regulation and safety. Clear collaborations and knowledge on board provide professional work. On board everything is regulated to the details. 

This way we create a good working atmosphere that promotes the quality of our services. This attention is being paid to our customers so that their transportation needs are fulfilled with care. Wijgaart Shipping puts its experience in transporting liquids, piece-goods and containers.

What customers say about us

Germersheim has been working together with the family van de Wijgaart since 1988. Professionals working with passion for inland navigation. We look forward to continue our collaboration for many years more.

Riny Boekelmans & Hans v.d. Arend
DP World

Over the years I saw the family, and later the firm, van de Wijgaart develop itself into a business with which it was good to negotiate: solid and reliable! In the meanwhile, one of the ships, the MCS Amazone, is transporting containers for us between the seaports and the German hinterland, with great satisfaction. It should be mentioned that the family is supported by skilled workers which can be counted on!

Peter Sauer
neska Container Line