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Wijgaart Shipping, Anno 1988


In 1988, almost 30 years ago, the brothers van de Wijgaart set their first steps in the world of inland waterways entrepreneurship. What started with a single ship, the Zembla, grew into a complete shipping company with a dozen ships flying its flag, suitable for transporting a wide range of goods.Wijgaart Shipping maintains this line by looking forward to inland navigation needs, keeping an eye on development and maintaining the same core value of quality.

February 2023

Virginia sold

December 2022

Takeover New Hampshire (ex Novum)

November 2022

Takeover New Jersey (ex Isabelle)

May 2022

Takeover tanker South Dakota (ex Belize) and tanker North Dakota (ex Bermuda).

May 2022

KVB Arizona I + II sold

March 2022

New ly built Georgia (110 x 11.45 x 3.40)

July 2020

MTS Alabama (110 x 11.45 x 4.50) sold

June 2020

Motor ship Justin (110 x 11.45 x 3.70) sold

May 2020

New ly built Rhode Island

April 2020

Start of completion new build tanker Alabama

October 2019

Modification of MTS California to a bunker tanker

May 2019

New ly built Colorado

April 2019

Wijgaart takes over Missouri (ex Marajo) and Michigan (ex Mejana)

February 2019

Start new ly built Colorado

August 2018

Office moved to Veerplein 45 (Zwijndrecht)

October 2017

Nevada sailing

February 2017

Wijgaart Group takes over Trico and MDN. Florida and California sailing. New ly built Georgia.

December 2016

New ly built Sara

November 2015

New ly built Hybride Zembla (dry cargo)

November 2015

Gebroeders van de Wijgaart moved from Rotterdam to an office in Zwijndrecht.

January 2015

New name company: Wijgaart Group

December 2014

New ly built Mystery

April 2012

Virginia sailing

November 2010

Start company “Maritime Dienstverlening Nederland”. Employment agency and secondment agency for nautical staff.

August 2009

Amazone sailing

July 2009

South Carolina and North Carolina sailing

April 2009

Zembla sold. New name ship: Temptation. Also purchased Justin.

October 2008

Zembla new ly built (containership)

October 2008

Nova Zemblad sold! The ship (135 × 15) sails after the sale under the name Comienzo.

January 2008

Start “Shipyard Trico B.V.”

October 2007

Nova Zembla sailing

April 2007

Sold Nova Zembla. New name ship: Frontera

April 2007

Purchased Arizona.

July 2006

Purchased Montana

March 2006

Zembla sold. New name ship: Marajo

January 2005

Start “Gebroeders van de Wijgaart”

May 2004

Nova Zembla sailing 135×15 (containership)

October 2003

Sold Nova Zembla (110×11.40). New name ship: Formentera

April 2003

‘Big’ Zembla (135×17.40m) new ly built

June 2000

New ly built ship Nova Zembla 110×11.40 (containership)

May 1988

First new ly built ship mv. Zembla 110×11.45